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MINI MULE The newest addition to the Mule family of Montegrappa has all the honesty and rustic charm of its stablemates, with a compact size designed to go anywhere. Announcing a new arrival at the Montegrappa stables! Measuring in at 128mm (5”) and only 33g (1 1/6 oz.), the adorable, hard-working Mini Mule is made to be taken anywhere – with a copper finish designed to show where it’s been. In 2016, the all-copper Montegrappa Mule brought a new flavour to writing. With a look and feel inspired by the artisanal distilleries and kitchens of northern Italy, its popularity led to the creation of a watch and even a signature cocktail. Now the Mini Mule arrives to complete the family line-up. The Mini Mule’s honest copper exterior brings new authenticity to writing, with a patina that ages to keep an organic archive of life’s adventures. Able to slip comfortably into any bag, case or tool-roll, its rustic warmth begs to be held, admired and used. And then used some more.