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pencil About the pencil is not much to say, or it must be that all the writing and drawing materials have little to do with the metal lead. That is to say no more, because for centuries wrote and drew one with lead. Indeed, the metal leaves a beautiful stripe behind on almost every conceivable substrates and though it was in earlier days mainly applied to papyrus . ------------ fountain pen It would appear that the contents of one of the ancient Egyptian tumbs from about 4,000 has been something which in the distance looked like a fountain pen as we know it today, but certainly is this not. ----------- ballpoint pen Totally different than with the fountain pen it went with the ballpoint pen. This instrument is since its invention hardly changed. ------------ roller The youngest - or should we say , the least-old - pen is without any doubt the rollerball or as some stubbornly insist the rollingbal . It is a smooth writing instrument that, in principle resembles the traditional pen. He was at the very beginning, also referred to as the term ink pen . ------------ felt There are felt writers and felt writers . One group is mainly applied to larger areas to color, the other group is mainly meant to write with. ------------ paper And we end up with paper. A raw material , about which is quite a lot to tell and that since its " invention " long ago actually was not significantly changed.